FADÓ HEEL: the heel is brand’s representative design, each season the artist launch a new exciting style for this engineered hydraulic heel. The heel has a inner hydraulic system technologically developed with an industrial partner.


It can be bespoke according to body weight to control the impact absorption. The leather is all carefully handcrafted in the artist’s studio.
Materials used are vegetal tanned leather, coloured nappa, acrylic and stainless steel.
Do not wash
Do not tumble dry
We strongly recommend to protect the leather before using them with water proof spray for shoes in rainy climates.
The shose are fully manufacturing in Spain and finished by designer hands.
Sponsor and industrial partner: MECMAN, S.L.
New collection filament sponsor: Smart Filaments 3D


Brand & Designer

The brand was created in 2014 with the launch of artist’s Master project Kinetic Traces

Kinetic Traces | Hydraulic Heels
Silvia Fadó studied the relationship between the movement of the body and Fashion footwear design on the one hand, and high performance Sports footwear and body movement on the other. She wanted to explore the philosophical and aesthetic consequences of changing the dynamic of that relationship.
“…The principal functions of footwear are often sacrificed in Fashion. This project brings Sports footwear fundamentals to high-end fashion. Sports footwear design is based on function and wearability, which are not features commonly applied in Fashion footwear.”

I have been analysing comfort elements in footwear, particularly impact absorption, shoe weight, traction (the relationship between shoe and surface) and upper durability. I sought to bring these concepts into the design of high-end women’s high heels. The central concept of the project development was impact absorption, which was studied from a mechanical point of view because heels are structures which are affected by many different forces during the process of human motion…”
She collaborated with an architect, a photographer, a mechanical engineer and an industrial partner to develop the bespoke mechanisms.
The methodologies used for the artist in her  projects combine traditional making (leather work, traditional machinery making, metal work, wood shaping) and rapid prototyping (3D milling machine, laser cutting and 3D printing).
With her latest collection, K4U, she develop a  commercial versions of the hydraulic heels.
Her shoes has been exhibited in London, Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Dutch Design Week and Barcelona 080 Fashion Week, World Mobile Congress, Shea of Hell Premier in Paris.
Shoe brand focussed on innovation and in bringing comfort into fashion footwear. The goal is to introduce technology and rapid prototyping technologies into traditional making, combining both to make high end shoes that care about both comfort and aesthetics.

I started out studying architecture in La Salle (Ramon Llull) but soon realised I was more drawn to creating something tangible that you can work and play with, so I changed to design. My strong interest in fashion made me decide to take this path. I graduated in Fashion in Esdi, Barcelona. After several years of professional experience in knitwear, I decided to follow my true passion, footwear. I moved to London for an apprenticeship in bespoke shoemaking with one of the most skilled shoemakers, Paul Thomas. I then attended MA Fashion Footwear in London College of Fashion (Cordwainers) were I developed my latest collection, Kinetic Traces. I am currently starting my own brand and temporary back in Barcelona.

All material used come from Spain and Italy,  and each shoes is produced between Barcelona and Alicante, the main work is done on the designer workshop in a little village not far from Barcelona.


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