The History of MIV – Make It Visible: Innovation, Craftsmanship and Sustainability:

At the end of 2015, in the lively city of Barcelona, a group of entrepreneurs passionate about fashion, crafts, sustainability and technology came together to give life to a project that would change the world of fashion and consumer information. products forever: MIV-MakeItVisible. With a clear vision and a set of core values, this company ventured on an exciting journey to transform the industry and its communication with the end customer.

The company was named Twenty Corner, S.L. with a clear objective, to promote the fashion that was created near us and communicate to the end customer how well the work was being done. When we started, what was one of our mottos “we make everything visible” became our brand MIV – Make It Visible

MIV-MakeItVisible believed in resilience as a key principle. We knew we would face challenges on the path to sustainability and innovation, but we were determined to overcome them. With a committed team and a strong vision, we embarked on a mission to make fashion more sustainable and accessible to begin with.

The summer of 2016 marked an important milestone in the history of MIV-MakeItVisible when we presented the project within the framework of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week competition. It was an exciting time for the company, as its focus on fashion communication, traceability, sustainability and combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology captured the attention of the audience and the fashion industry at large.

The company’s core values are the key to its success. MIV-MakeItVisible embraces sustainability and responsibility in all its forms, from circularity to recycling and proximity. Using sustainable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, minimizing its carbon footprint, and having social responsibility as a principle.

Craftsmanship played a central role in the company’s philosophy. Valuing the skills of local artisans and seeking to promote their work through their unique and high quality designs. At the same time, we integrate advanced communication technology, such as NFC technology and variable QR codes, to create a unique experience for your customers.

Product traceability is another important aspect from the beginning. MIV-MakeItVisible is committed to transparency and allows its customers to trace the origin and history of every garment they purchase, from raw materials to final production.

Over time, MIV-MakeItVisible became a benchmark in the use of new technologies in product labeling, and creating its own line of sustainable, ethical, artisanal and natural products, always incorporating innovation.

The MIV-MakeItVisible story is an inspiring testimony of how one company can change an industry by embracing resilience, sustainability and innovation. Her bold vision and unwavering values made her a beacon of hope in the world of fashion and sustainability.