Project Description

Within the framework of the subject of Projects 9.2 of 2nd year of ESO at the Vedruna Vall school, we have developed a proposal linked to traceability, responsible consumption, ethics and business transparency. This project relates Pedagogical Innovation (Project Work) with new ICT, business, institutions, as well as ethics and values ​​in both the productive and consumer spheres.

One of the foundations of this project is an agreement that we have signed with the Sabadell-based company Twenty Corner SL dedicated to the ethical traceability of consumer products with NFC (contactless) technology.

The final objective of the activity, among others, has been the preparation, by our students, first of all of an ethical form. This form, which should be completed by consumer product companies, should serve to categorize the ethical origin of each product with a points system, ultimately visible in the traceability and labeling of the product in question. Secondly, the students have also been protagonists in the preparation of an ILP (Popular Legislative Initiative) in this area.

Today, April 26, at 12:00 p.m. we presented this ILP to the Parliament of Catalonia, which was developed by the students and teachers of 2nd year of ESO within the framework of Projects 9.2. Those in charge of presenting the law were the 2nd year ESO delegates accompanied by the teachers of Projects 9.2, by the school’s management team, by representatives of the company Twenty Corner and by a representative of the Vedruna Cataluña Foundation.

It has been a very emotional event, which culminates one of the 2nd year ESO projects, Make it visible!, after, throughout this week, all the students have participated in the workshop “I am a deputy” in the Parliament of Catalonia.

We have also had the opportunity to present the ILP to some members of Parliament, who have valued the initiative very positively.

If the ILP is accepted for processing, then 50,000 signatures will have to be collected in order to move forward.

This is a video about the proposal, which the students themselves have made.