Vedruna Miv 9.2 Project

Parlament accepts the ILP on ethical labeling.

Miv Make it Visible + Vedruna = ILP. A bet for a change in the shape to consume of the society and influence of “legislative” way in the ethical productive of the companies.

Week of the corporate social Responsibility.

Twenty Corner to Vedruna school.

Discover to the MW Centre, how your mobile can do that the objects speak.

El Periódico


Passport: Information near xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Digital passport in the information.

Passport, tool NFC for the textile sector.

Platform MIV / Twenty Corner.

Passport, the first tool in technology NFC that follows it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

The sustainability in the textile sector and of the fashion.

Twenty Corner launches a NFC tool to track the traceability of clothing.

The tool to know whence comes the clothes.

Twenty Corner presents Passport, the first tool of technology Near Field Communication (NFC) that, through the reading of a terminal of mobile, informs to the consumer on the origin of the feedstocks, the place of preparation, the designer or the collection.

Fashion Market 080 Barcelona.

Dialogues between the textile industry and the new designers – new creations.


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